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Nandi Aqua - Packaged Drinking Water

Presenting Nandi Aqua (Packaged Drinking Water). It is our promise that every drop of our water is 100% pure, sweet and free from bacteria, viruses and any toxins as it is purified through RO technology to retain all its essential natural minerals followed by UV Sterilization and Ozonization.


Our manufacturing plant is situated at Gunjur, Kachmaranhalli Road, Varthur Hobli in Bangalore.


In our effort to maintain strict quality control, we produce our own bottles in-house and each unit performs & caps only after strict supervisions from our experts... This has not only helped us improve packaging quality but has also reduced raw material wastage & doubled production capacity. You can be rest assured that you are drinking safe & pure water when you consume Nandi Aqua.


Enjoy the Sweet taste of Purity!


Our Vision 

  • We are committed to exceed customer satisfaction by providing value added packaged drinking water with good quality and service. 

Quality policy 

  • ·  To enhance customer satisfaction

    ·  To reduce internal rejections

    ·  To drive the delivery performance

    ·  To reduce complaints